Here is a list of resources on permaculture and other topical areas, as well as links to past publications.

Darrell Frey’s Publications

Bioshelter Market Garden: A Permaculture Farm, New Society Publishing, 2011 by Darrell Frey this book is a comprehensive guide to the role of the permaculture farm in the regional food system. Chapters include studies of  Food Systems, Farm Design, Farm Management, Bioshelter Design, Bioshelter Management, Crops and Crop Management, Permaculture for Wetlands, Chickens on the Farm, Energy Systems on the Farm, Farm Scale Composting and much more!

The Food Forest Handbook, New Society Publishing, 2017, By Michelle Czolba and Darrell Frey. This book is a detsiled guide to the design and management of diverse poly culture gardens.

The Food Forest Handbook is available through our facebook page:


Permaculture Resources

Here is a list of resources on permaculture and other topical areas. We will continue to update and add resources here when appropriate.

Permaculture Institute of North America:   The premier Permaculture Professional organization in North America.

Our page featuring details about Three Sisters Farm and Bioshelter:

New Society Publishing is one of North America’s most important publishers. This employee owned company features books on many topics related to sustainable community development, regenerative agriculture, alternative energy and technology and more!

Chelsea Green Publishing is another important publishing company with many books relevant to permaculture and the “politics and practices of sustainable living”.

Permaculture Design Magazine: North America’s oldest Permaculture periodical, formerly The permaculture Activist.

Permaculture Magazine North America: This North American version of Permaculture Magazine from Great Britain features many articles and resources, “practical solutions beyond sustainability”

The Permaculture Institute, a national permaculture organization based in Santa Fe, NM, offers permaculture education and diplomas, and support for course graduates.

Gaia University offers an innovative approach to higher education with a permaculture perspective.

Co-originator of permaculture Bill Mollison’s Website and the International Permaculture Institute’s Home.

Co-originator of permaculture David Holmgren’s web page

Global Permaculture can help you find permaculture practitioners and organizations worldwide

The International Permaculture Convergence happens about every two years. Permaculturists from around the world gather to meet and network. 


Email lists to join the permaculture related conversations:




Other sites

Mother Earth News Fairs are grand events held around the country bring together dozens of speakers and vendors of all things related to homesteading and self sufficiency.
Three Rivers Permaculture Guild, a permaculture communication network based in Pittsburgh.

PC institute of Northern California

North American Permaculture Convergence, a gathering of permaculture practitioners, has been held twice, biannually, since 2014

Permaculture Association of the North East is a regional network in  North Eastern  United States

Eastern Pennsylvania Permaculture Guild  Eastern Pennsylvania permaculture group.

Plants and Permaculture

The Apios Institute: The Apios Institute exists to share experience and knowledge about perennial crop polyculture systems for all climates (variously known as home gardens, food forests, and forest gardens), through a collaborative network of farmers, gardeners, and researchers, in order to fill critical knowledge gaps regarding the design and management of these systems.