Our team is composed of the core group of folks listed below.  But we have also formed collaborations within our diverse network of contacts in order to execute a project with the right combination of talent.  We have partnered with other permaculture designers on design and implementation projects.  And our Permaculture Design Courses have featured guest speakers with special expertise in a certain topic.  If you are a permaculture designer, educator, or someone otherwise interested in exploring a partnership or collaboration on a specific project, please contact us to start a dialogue.

Darrell Frey

Principal, Lead Permaculture Designer & Educator

Darrell has been a permaculture consultant and teacher since 1987. He earned a BA in Sustainable Community Development from Prescott College and holds Diplomas of Permaculture Site Design, and Permaculture Education from The Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA). He is a lifelong learner with a strong background in horticulture, natural sciences, regenerative systems and permaculture design. He has extensive practical experience in small business management, homesteading, construction and project management.

Darrell’s permaculture journey began after reading an interview of Bill Mollison in Mother Earth News Magazine # 63 in November of 1980, and subsequently reading Permaculture One and Permaculture Two. In 1982 Darrell attended a weekend Permaculture workshop at Stonyfield Farm in New Hampshire, where he asked Bill how to bring permaculture to Western Pennsylvania. Bill encouraged Darrell to pursue his ideas to develop what became Three Sisters Farm and Bioshelter. After six years of intensive self guided study of permaculture, Darrell completed a permaculture design certification course in 1986.

Elizabeth Lynch

Design Associate & Educator

Elizabeth is a permaculture designer and educator, with over 15 years of experience in sustainability education.  She has co-taught permaculture courses with Darrell and others, and has taught at many of Pittsburgh’s nonprofit organizations, including Phipps Conservatory and the Pittsburgh Zoo.  She has designed various properties from home-scale to broad-scale to commercial.  Elizabeth has a B.S. in Wildlife Science, along with Certificates in Permaculture Design and Forest Garden Design, and has completed a Permaculture Teacher Training.  Her favorite activities include wild foraging, hiking, and growing, preparing, and eating delicious healthy foods.

Jessy Swisher

Business Development & Design Associate

Jessy completed her Certificate of Permaculture Design in 2015 with Darrell at Three Sisters Farm.  Since then, she has worked with him to assist on various design consultations and has contributed to the business development of Three Sisters Permaculture.  She also worked alongside Darrell on permaculture implementation projects in Mexico and Spain.  Jessy holds B.A. degrees in Spanish and Latin American Studies, and an M.A. in Food Studies.  She is a novice garden-scale heirloom grain grower, and is excited to add a collection of rare gingers and turmerics to her garden for 2021.  Jessy is passionate about sustainable food systems; her other loves include yoga and travel.

Dannine Egizio-Hughes

Design Associate

Daninne Egizio is a professional environmental scientist, educator, permaculture designer and gardener. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies, as well as two masters degrees: a Master of Science in Sustainable Systems and a Master of Education in Environmental Education. Her past projects include design and development of The Red Sunset Lodge in Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica, and her Misty Mountain Herb Farm in eastern Pennsylvania. When she is not busy on projects, Daninne enjoys spending time gardening and hiking.

Zack Frey

CAD Operator / Designer

Zack is a CAD Operator with drafting and design training and experience spanning multiple fields. He earned a certificate for completing the Drafting and Design Technology program at Mercer County Career Center in 2000. In 2002 he graduated from Pittsburgh Technical Institute with an Associates in Specialized Technology Degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Subsequently, he worked as a designer at Joy Mining Machinery for ten years, creating pre-contract engineering drawings for industrial equipment.

Zack is also the son of Darrell Frey and was thus raised with daily exposure to permaculture principles and sustainable agriculture practices. Working in his youth at the family’s organic farm created both a positive work ethic and love of nature and the environment.   As a drafter he has worked with Three Sisters Permaculture Design creating construction drawings for a constructed wetland at Slippery Rock University, garden layout drawings and various other projects.