Podcast Interviews:

The Mother Earth News & Friends Podcast interviews Darrell Frey, along with fellow permaculture designer Jessi Bloom.  They discuss permaculture ethics, how they define them, and how they apply the ethics in their lives.



Press about Darrell Frey, Three Sisters Permaculture, or Three Sisters Farm:

“A Renowned Expert, A Local Experiment in Permaculture” by Bill O’Driscoll.  Pittsburgh City Paper, October 19, 2016.  Article about Permaculture, Garfield Farm and the work of Three Sisters Permaculture.


“Pittsburgh is at the Forefront of an Unruly Food Movement” by Hal Klein.  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 15, 2013.  Article about Permaculture in Pittsburgh area.


“Three Sisters Permaculture Farm.”  Interview by Editor’s Desk at EthicalFoods.com, May 6, 2012.  Darrell Frey is interviewed about Permaculture and local food systems.


“A Shelter for Permaculture” by Robert Puro.  Seedstock.com, June 17, 2011.  Article about Three Sisters Farm and Bioshelter.


“Three Sisters Tradition Inspires Bidwell Garden” by Doug Oster.  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 25, 2006.  Article mentions Three Sisters Farm and discusses three sisters gardens.


“Farmers Follow Nature’s Way” by Lawrence Sanata.  The Sharon Herald, May 30, 1998.  Article profiles Three Sisters Farm.



Articles that feature the artisanal custom building work of Darrell Frey:

“Home of the Year: The Farm” by Reese Randall.  Pittsburgh Magazine, February 25, 2013.  Article features the work of artisanal builder Darrell Frey on a property that Pittsburgh Magazine awarded the 2013 Home of the Year in the renovation category.


“The Decorated Shed” by Penelope Green.  New York Times, Home & Garden section, June 8, 2011.  Article features the artisanal building work of Darrell Frey.



Blogs and Youtube videos:

Youtube video: “Three Sisters Permaculture Farm.”  A tour of Three Sisters Farm Bioshelter by Phil Osophical, July 22, 2013.


“Bioshelter Construction Finished!”  Web post by John Creasy mentioning the role of Darrell Frey in planning of the Garfield Farm Bioshelter.  September 25, 2013.


“Three Sisters Farm, Sandy Lake, PA; Eleven, Pittsburgh, PA.”  Blog post by TV host Rhonda Schuldt of KDKA News.  LocalGoodness.com, September 10, 2007.  A visit to Three Sisters Farm.