We offer a wide range of consultation services. Drawing on our three decades of permaculture design experience allows us to bring to you project a deep experience with the details of sustainable, regenerative systems. The list below touches on some of our work, but our specialty is combining these various elements into integrated systems that together balance the energy and environmental equation of your project to help design and create ecologically sound homes, landscapes, businesses and communities.

Permaculture Design is a complex field , encompassing many aspects of our lives: how we generate and use energy, build our buildings and landscapes, grow or obtain our food, use water, manage resources and how we impact the earth’s ecosystems.

Our projects have included design and development of the following:

Market Garden Business Planning

Compost Systems

Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy Systems

Natural and Green Building and Living Buildings

Bioshelter and Greenhouse Design and Management

Edible Landscapes and Forest Gardens

Native Plants and Wildlife Habitat

Schoolyard, Community, and Themed Gardens

Organic Landscape Management

Rainwater Catchment, storage and reuse

Grey water systems

Constructed Wetland Design