Three Sisters Permaculture Education Programs

Our education programs range from one hour speaking engagements to 84 hour permaculture design courses. We also conduct hands on learning workshops from time to time.

Topics include permaculture design, food forest design and management, solar design, bioshelter design and management, alternative energy, water management, natural building, gardening, and more.

If you would like to host a lecture or workshop please let us know.

Permaculture Design Course

A Permaculture Design Course is an intensive training in permaculture design, and is intended to be the first step towards a diploma of Permaculture Design or permaculture Education. There are many reasons why people participate in a permaculture design course. Some people have land or property they want to develop. For them permaculture training can help to frame and inform a process for designing and planning their project. Others wish to broaden their knowledge of ecological design and add basic permaculture training to their resume. Some plan to pursue a career in Permaculture Design. For them, a permaculture course is the beginning of a long term training program. Our permaculture design courses are recognized by the Permaculture Institute on North America ( ).

Advanced Permaculture Training

We offer a number of advanced permaculture training programs. These programs run three to eight days and provide indepth and hands on experiential learning.  Please see our education program calendar for upcoming programs.

Hosting a Permaculture Training

When you host a permaculture training, you can receive valuable design services and training on your site. Host organizations or individuals need to work with us to address the host’s goals, planning and promotion and logistical issues such as food and lodging for participants and teachers. We have a long experience in producing permaculture events and can work with you to create a fun, healthful and productive education program.